The Rialto Searcy’s new Playhouse opens for business

Searcy’s new picture show and playhouse, “The Rialto” was open to the public Monday night and was given a full house on its opening night.

The building has been thoroughly overhauled and redecorated making the interior equal to beauty and comfort to playhouses in cities many times Searcy’s size.

The foyer has been made very attractive with new carpets, ferns, and a drinking fountain beneath a fringed shaded light with a panel mirror back of the fountain. New French doors are between the foyer and the showroom adding comfort as well as beauty.  The walls have been redecorated by the hand of an artist and with candle bracket lights, beautiful stage curtains, and upholstered opera chairs the building has undergone a complete metamorphosis.

Private dressing rooms have been built underneath the large stage and vaudeville companies will fill engagements here.  

A complete heating and ventilating system has been installed giving perfect comfort in either hot or cold weather and it is said the system is conducive to a germless atmosphere even in the most crowded condition.

Mr. F.G. Roberts, the manager of the new show, is to be congratulated on his splendid equipment and on the crowd that greeted his opening performance. “The Goodbye Kiss.”

Bernard Jamison of Little Rock is machine operator; Miss Lillian Robbins, organist on the fine Pitts pipe organ; Lois Dunn is chief usher and Mrs. Milton Bradley is cashier.

The Good-Bye Kiss (1928) – IMDb

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